Q> When i create a new report in DWE4, I can change the data source option "drillthrough limit" (default = 1000). Is there a correlation between the default value and the SSAS2005 server property DefaultDrillthroughMaxRows = 10000?

A> No.

Q> Can the default value of the datasource option be changed permanently, e.g. via a DWE configuration file?

A> Yes. Please look for the DrillthroughLimit property in DWExplorer.exe.config

Q> Can it be set so that there is no limit to the number of rows?

A> Yes. If set to 0 or a negative value, all rows will be returned. (Up to the number which is set in DefaultDrillthroughMaxRows in the SSAS properties) Please make sure you move the --> to the end of the line starting with <!-- DrillthroughLimit