DWEX reports are stored in an xml file format. This format has changed with the new version and therefor you cannot open .dwex files that were created with Datawarehouse Explorer 4.x  in DWEX Designer 5. To address this issue we  created a Migration Tool which can be used to convert your old DWE4 reports into new DWEX5 reports.

Note: the Migration Tool will create new copies of your reports. Source reports will not be modified in any way.

The Migration Tool performs a technical conversion which means that data sources, queries (with corresponding tables and charts) and notes are converted. However you probably need to postprocess your reports to add visual elements, parameters, maps and conditional formatting.

The Migration Tool supports three types of sources. This howto will focus on reports that are stored in a DWE 4.4 Portal Database

A DWE 4.4 Portal Database

  1. Download the Migration Tool here.
  2. Run MigrationWizart.exe. to start the Migration Wizard
  3. Now choose A DWE 4.4. Portal Database as source.
  4. Enter the name of the database server that is used as backend for Datawarehouse Explorer Portal
  5. Enter the name of the database (usually this is dweserver) and click [OK]
  6. Now choose On your machine... as the destination for the converted reports
  7. Browse to the folder where you want to store the converted reports and click [Next]
  8. You can keep the default (advanced) options or change them if you want and click [Next]
  9. Click [Finish]