I cannot activate Datawarehouse Explorer

Possible cause

You might be behind a strict proxy


Activate manually using our servicecenter.


  1. Select I want to activate through your website or over the phone and click [Next]
  2. Enter the serial. (This can be found at and click [Next]
  3. Copy the generated string of characters to the clipboard by clicking Copy to clipboard.
  4. Open in a browserwindow and enter your username and password (If you don't know your you can request it at the CNS Support Desk.)
  5. Go to the Manual Activation tab and click Generate.
  6. A new character string will be generated. Copy this to the clipboard. (Either using the link or select all by pressing Ctrl-A and copy pressing Ctrl-C.)
  7. Go back to the activation window of Datawarehouse Explorer.
  8. Paste the contents of the clipboard in the empty textarea rigth below the text Step 3: Paste the response value in the box below, and click on the Next button
  9. Click [Next].