Datawarehouse Explorer crashes with a System.OutOfMemoryException

Exporting a large grid consumes a lot of memory, somewhere near the limit for a 32-bit process. When a .Net process needs to allocate memory of a certain size, it will ask the memory manager for such a chunk of memory. The memory manager will then search for a contiguous block of memory from the remaining space for the process. Now there might be more memory available than asked for by the application, however, the memory needs to be contiguous, and if windows can't find a contiguous block, an Out of Memory error will be thrown. So the error means that the operating system is telling the .Net framework that it can't allocate any more resources.

An out of memory error will occur sooner if the memory is badly fragmented. Process memory fragmentation can happen due to all kinds of reasons, such as which operating system dll's are loaded and where they are loaded in the process address space.

DWE runs within the .Net environment, which shields applications from operating system and hardware details. Like every .net application, DWE has flags that tells windows how it should be run. There was a flag set to make the DWE run as a 32bit application. (which was related to msasxpress.dll which is a 32bit dll).

Run DWExplorer.AnyCPU.exe

In the anycpu build the 32BITREQUIRED flag is removed which makes it possible to run it as a 64bit application.

You can request a download link for this build by contacting customer support.