When a user tries to save a report an unexpected error is thrown


The path has an invalid format / Der Pfad hat ein ungültiges Format


The user that is running dwexplorer.exe has no profile on that machine. (This can happen when dwe is started with run as.) therefor the "Personal" folder is empty (that's normally your "My Documents" folder.) which is the default save location for DWE when there hasn't been a last save location. This is triggers the unexpected error. It would have been better if DWE4 would have caught the error and ignored this folder, but that is not the case.

- or - 

The LastSaveFolder-property in the user config file is invalid.


Copy profiles of users running dwexplorer to that machine

- or - 

Set the LastSaveFolder-property in the user config to a valid path.


There's a tool in the attached archive which can be used to check if the Personal folder is indeed empty. 

runas /user:<domain>\<username> /netonly "C:\Program Files\CNS International\SpecialFoldersTest.exe"